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Production and distribution of corner beads and profiles for the construction industry

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Quality, reliability and innovation

Our company “De Mitri srl” was born as an individual craft company in 1984 and it is named after its single founder Mr. De Mitri Giuseppe.

The activity is based on the production and distribution of corner beads and profiles for the construction, used in the application of premixed plaster, drywall and Insulation coating system.

The De Mitri, strong with their 30 years of experience has created a flexible, dynamic structure becoming an organization specialized and appreciated at national
and international levels.

Production is primarily aimed at industries, sellers to the wholesale and construction material for resellers.

De Mitri profiles industry - Italy
Years of experience
Types of different profiles

LED Profiles

Discover DE MITRI LED profiles in extruded aluminum for application on walls, counterwalls and ceilings.

Supplied in aluminum with a polycarbonate cover anti UV opal with anti yellowing treatment

Years in the business

Since 1984 at your side for any profiles requirements, keeping up and raising the standards year after year.

Profiles and related products

Thanks to continuous investment in production technology and constant research the Company is now offering a range of 220 types of profiles.


DE MITRI’s high quality materials help to build better and faster.


DE MITRI follows top levels quality standards in its production flows.


DE MITRI offers fast, flexible and custom prep and delivery time.


Staff is always ready for an efficient tailored post sale activity.


Immediate problem solving mindset in order to achieve full satisfation day by day.


Custom quantity for the industrial market, stockists, building warehouses and professionals in this field.


Flexibility and efficiency

Thanks to continuous investments in production technology and the constant search for best materials, the company has increased its range of products, currently offering a range of 140 types of
different profiles. Production quality, fast delivery
times and a continuous assistance and follow up to aftersales, are elements that bring distinction to De Mitri S.r.l.



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Some questions about De Mitri

Taken from an interview to our Director and owner Fernando De Mitri

The company was founded as a sole proprietorship in 1984 by founder whose name it bears, my father Giuseppe De Mitri. Later I personally took over the management of the company, and since 1994 I have continued his work, leading it to become one of the largest producers at the national level, strongly present on the international level too.

The company operates in the construction industry and mainly carries out the production and distribution of corner beads and profiles useful in the application of premixed plasters, plasterboard and coat systems. The range of products offered in the market today has also undergone the same business trajectory by growing year by year in order to meet the many and varied demands of an ever-changing economy. From a small range initially produced we now boast a variety that covers almost the entire reference market and makes us a leader in the sector.

The company’s target audience encompasses realities of considerable impact in the industrial market, wholesalers, building warehouses, and construction material retailers, as well as professionals in the field, such as designers or architects. In both cases, the target pool is intended to be both national and international.

Giving a quality, reliable product that is perfectly tailored to our customers’ demands turns out to be the focus of every single order that is fulfilled on a daily basis. Our company internally boasts, in addition to a strong sales network, a quality and after-sales department that has essentially the purpose in the first place to understand the real need of the customer and, therefore, always offer the right answers to the requests received and subsequently, an immediate resolution in the face of any possible problems with the ultimate goal of making the customer loyal and satisfied day after day, order after order.

The bond that unites my company with sports has always been very strong, and again, the partners chosen turn out to be of the highest level, winning over time both nationally and globally. The interest in sports has led us to be present both in areas known to most people such as the world of soccer, volleyball or cycling and in elite sports such as offshore, where the strong passion has allowed us to be multiple times world champions.

A definite strength of my company is its flexibility and dynamism. In addition to this aspect of certain importance for a leading company that wants to maintain its position, we find another point of crucial importance related to the strong investments made and the great desire to maintain high quality standards that lead us, as mentioned, to stand out against the standing fierceful market competition.

As mentioned above, to be at the top of the market it turns out to be essential to invest in new production tech nologies and state-of-the-art machinery. In addition to this, continuous research into new materials and improved production processes are our bread and butter and pride of the company.

We are the only Italian member of Europrofiles, an association representing plaster profile manufacturers of all organizational forms and sizes. Current members, ranging from one-person companies to large international publicly traded groups, make Europrofiles one of the largest associations in Europe for plaster profile manufacturers. Our p’artecipation gives our customers the assurance that we operate meeting high quality standards.

The construction industry after a sharp downturn or halt as it may be seems to be on the right track to climb back up from where it was. My company, in an effort to counter this particular moment, has from the very beginning sought an outlet and expansion across borders, and this has paid off over the years, so much so that to this day a considerable percentage of our market is tied up abroad.

Our mission has always had as its focal point the desire to establish the brand “De Mitri” both in Italy and worldwide by making it synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and the industry benchmark.

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